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Иностранные языки Life in the city is much easier than in the country — developed system, sewerage system, information, sports, shopping malls, etc. Modern men are too sophisticated for simple country pleasures. Cities offer эссе по английскому city life country life concentration of good things in life: Life is more convenient in a city: In the city people are more open-minded. It is possible to go out, make friends and never be cut off from them by weather conditions.

Generally, people do not mind what you do in the city. In the city people have more chances to be employed, as the range of jobs is greater than in a village.

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Besides in the city people have more chances to succeed. Moreover, life is never dull in the city, people always have something to do here. The objections to city living are not convincing enough.

People easily adapt to various inconveniences of city life. Эссе по английскому city life country life example, noise and traffic are hardly noticeable to city-dwellers. In the city especially in our country people live in apartments with central heating, telephone, gas, electricity, radio, TV, the Internet.

Most people love cities. Many people love the busy city life.


It is enough for them to visit a country at week-ends. Cities grew over the centuries because they served aims that could not have been served otherwise.

Two thousand years ago most people lived in the countryside. It was not their choice. Today, almost half of humanity lives in city. It does so because it wants to. Man has always lived in groups. It makes life safer and easier. Geography-rich soil, a safe harbour or navigable river, ample fresh water, easy defence, coal эссе по английскому city life country life was the start of many towns.

In Europe towns grew over the strongholds of a local lord. Most of them developed as buying and selling centres; trade needed a market, and markets needed people. Towns served their citizens very well if they in turn were served by them. During the Middle Ages when harvest failed, the nearby town offered hope of survival. All successful towns satisfied economic needs.

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For a peasant town was the only place where he might make a fortune. In the new industrial order the city was the nerve centre, bringing to a focus all dynamic economic forces: But there are some disadvantages of living in the city.

Pollution is the greatest disadvantage of the city life today.

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Эссе по английскому city life country life air is hanging like a brown cloud over cities. Dirt and smoke are pouring from the buildings of cities and factories.

Polluted urban air causes respiratory distress, particulary in children, and elderly people. Cars give a collection of pollutants. In bright, calm weather, sunlight turns the chemicals into a poison smog. All big cities have problems with air pollution. Noise pollution is the problem of big cities too.


Urban garbage — like food, paper and cans-on the ground or in the street is one more problem of cities. Urban garbage is ugly. It makes the city look dirty and it spoils the view. In addition, people live under constant threat; life is not quiet in the cities, it causes stresses and heart desease. Everyone who cares about his health tries to move out from the city.

Country and City. Деревня или город

Most people in Europe and America try to live in non-industrial cities. Most people like to stay in the countryside. They enjoy such simple things of primary importance as sunlight and fresh air.

  • Where there is a will there is a way;
  • Но я думаю, что все это не слишком страшно;
  • Деревня или город Людям всегда интересно где жить лучше - в деревне или в городе.

Besides, living in the countryside is cheaper and safer than in a city. It provides people with more security. There is less эссе по английскому city life country life and, of course, there is less traffic there. Life in the countryside эссе по английскому city life country life quiet, peaceful and healthy. Here people are friendly and it is much more pleasant in the countryside than in the city.

Unfortunately, life in the countryside is rather hard. And annually more and more young people flee from the countryside for a better life in the city. It is a difficult to find a job in the countryside.

The problem of employment in the countryside is very crucial today. It is especially acute for young people and professionals. As a rule there are few labour places for skilled agricultural workers and less for professionals.

Surely, people should always be optimists and hope for a better life.

Топик 427. (B). Город или деревня - что лучше?

Where there is a will there is a way. Nowdays we can witness the revival of some villages. So far they are few but annually their number is increasing.

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